Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two days in a row...

So, i know that many of you (haha I kid myself into thinking there are more than 5 people that read my blog) have fallen out of your chairs because...what is this??...two posts in two days! Yes we have had day three of school cancellation so I am blogging again because I have actually watched everything on my DVR. I never thought that would happen. I really must say though, I have enjoyed being stuck in my house. Aaron has been home which has been fun, weve cooked which means we arent spending money or wasting the calories on fast food, my house is spotless and organized, and weve gotten to relax. But anyway enough about that. Now on to the real reason for my post.
If any of you all know my sister you know that not updating your blog must run in our family. (She has had the same post since September 22!!) But she has a fun post, she created her dream closet, what a fun idea! So without farther is what I would want in my closet for Spring/Summer!
As some of you may know, every season Neiman Marcus puts out 'the list' it is here that they inform the world what is 'in' for the upcoming season. So I am going to share the list with you and let you know what I would buy:
Boho Influences

Wide Leg Pants
White Wardrobe
Flat Sandals
Long Necklaces
Crossbody Bags