Monday, June 21, 2010

T minus 20 days....

Well we are coming up on the 'big day' and there is still quite a bit to do. Aaron and I both had our bachelor and bachelorette parties this weekend.
Aaron and his crew went down to the Frio River on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. I was quite impressed they lasted 3 whole nights. (*He did say that he noticed they couldnt do it like they used to hehe*) Of course who am I to talk! We girls went to Austin and had a fun time at the spa and 6th street.
The boys enjoyed floating, drinking, eating, and living it up like old times. And I must say im proud of Aaron because he didnt get sunburned!!!
We ladies went to Austin and stayed at the Stephen F Austin and had fun shopping, spa-ing, going out on 6th street, and eating. Above werejust a few of the pics from our weekend. I must admit i didnt take as many as i had hoped to. As soon as my friends send me more i will update!

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