Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two Days Left of Miss King...

Well its Thursday here on Richmond and that means two days until the wedding. Which is good cause honestly im ready to get this show on the road! The bad news is there is 60% chance of rain....hmmm...good thing we have a tent but honestly who wants to party it up in the rain??? And will everyone still be my friend when the rain gets to my hair. We might have to anaul (or however you spell it) our marriage once Aaron sees it. Haha just kidding thats the for better or for worse part right??

So the last few nights i have laid in bed thinking about how strange it is that women have to change their names. Now i know you dont HAVE to but in my southern family you do. end of discussion. So...i was thinking about how strange it will be when i dont hear Miss King anymore. Its made even stranger by the fact that i teach school so come August i hope i can remember to respond to Mrs. Roan!

Another issue...changing EVERYTHING that has ever had your name on it. Are you kidding people!!! There is so much junk that says Keathley King on it, down to my Jon Hart luggage that i guess will have to be retired :( and with a name like Keathley you know im not selling that on EBay. My advice, you ready for this? Get married when you are 18. Yep, thats right 18. Because then nothing has your name on it except your SS card and drivers license. Wait until youre my age and whew you need to block off a whole week to deal with the name change business. Now dont get me wrong im excited to be Mrs. Roan but dont call me the week after my honeymoon because i will be on the other line with half of the free world.

Well i guess thats enough venting for one afternoon. I will try to post again before the big day but if not i will think of you all while i sip margaritas on the beach in MEXICO!

Above were some cute pics from one of our engagement parties at El Fenix!


  1. This rain has been stressing me out for you! I'm sure everyone will have fun rain or shine, and at the end of the night you'll still be married! YAY! I'm still jealous you get to go to Mexico btw.

  2. Nah, changing your name is not so bad. Just make tons of copies of your marriage license, and send them to everywhere you have a card. You'll get used to hearing everyone call you by your new name, signing it, etc. Then after a couple years, an old student will say, "Hi Miss King!" and you'll think it sounds no one has called me that for a while! :-)