Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the snow has forced me to blog...

So, apparently last night six inches of snow fell here in good ole Abilene. So of course that means no school and no leaving the house, thus I have come back to blogging. Now I know many of you dont even check my blog anymore because youre tired of seeing the post about our honeymoon wich was in July!! I tell myself that I dont really need to blog because I dont really have anything to say but right now there is quite a bit to update!First we made it through football season YAY!! Cooper did great and Aaron did too. Its fun to be a coaches wife because you get to see the man you love do what he loves and I tell ya what, on Friday nights there are a bunch of 30 something men that revert right back to when they were 16 or 17 and they light up! We ended up getting to play in Cowboys stadium too which was pretty cool for the kids and honestly...yes...for the grown ups too. Its nice that I coach cheerleading too (for now *wink*wink*) because I am right there on the sidelines ready to greet my coach when he gets off the field. We had Thanksgiving which was fun but a bit overshadowed by football (as always) something ive learned along the way...you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS want to have tentative Thanksgiving plans because that means your deep in the playoffs!
Now on to Christmas. This one was a bit tough for Aaron and I and both of our families. This is the first Christmas Aaron's family had without their Opa. This was Aarons mom's dad. He struggled with Alzheimer's the entire time I knew him but you ask anyone and they will tell you Aaron was his 'little buddy'. They were two peas in a pod and he will be missed. This was also my families first Christmas without EG, my dad's mom. She passed away on December 16th. Due to all of the loss we had both felt Christmas was a little bit different. We bounced from place to place and made it work though. We got to see everyone we love so it was ok, and we got new babies in the family. They are getting stronger and stronger everyday (keep on truckin' Austin and Blake)
Our last update is a good one...you ready for this...we are parents!!! Hopefully that one threw a few of you for a loop. While yes, we are parents its not to an actual "child". We got a puppy! Her name is Olive and she is awesome. I had to do a little convincing on the part of Aaron but he came around to it (I secretly think its because my grandmother had just passed away the day before so he was feeling really sorry for me :)) either way we are now proud parents. Olive is about 4 months old now and can sit, shake, stay,and fetch on command. Can you tell im a proud mom??!! haha Our kids are doomed. Anyhow, I hope this post finds you all well rested from the Holidays, and warm and snugly if you got any snow like we did.

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