Sunday, October 10, 2010

Honeymoon in Mexico!

OK, so i totally forgot to post about our Honeymoon! We had a great time but as with most things in life this fab trip wasn't without its difficulties. We left out of Abilene the morning after our wedding and had a very pain free trip all the way to Mexico. Upon arrival at the little spin-around-luggage-thingy though things started to go bad. We watch and watched and watched everyone else's luggage go around but never saw ours. So we go to the counter and report our bags missing and the AA man says "oh don't worry, its prob on the next flight" (i now secretly think they train them to say this) so we hop on the fancy escalade limo pour ourselves a drink and assume our bags will be here in a few hours. Well, when we get to our completlyawesomeicantwaittogoback resort we find out that all of the restaurants have a dress code of which we do not meet in our little travel outfits. Don't get me wrong, we looked cute but had on flip flops and shorts which is a no-no. So thank goodness for 24hr room service (see i told you this place was awesome) so we have dinner in our room and then decide 'heck we don't have to unpack so lets go get ourselves a drink and one of the bars'. Well the night drags on and we get back to our room and notice there is no red blinking light alerting us that we have a MSG saying our bags we decide to go to bed after spending a small fortune at the hotel gift shop buying the essentials. It is at the point i begin to worry that we might be spending our honeymoon with one outfit so we decide that the next day we would sleep in and try not to sweat...yes i said sweat, its about 150% humidity outside and if I'm wearing the same outfit over and over i don't want to smell.
So any who, day 2 we get up and have the best breakfast Ive ever had at a gorgeous restaurant. Still no word on the bags, but alas one has come around lunchtime. It was mine and as a bonus it had a HUGE hole in it and a few essentials missing most chi (gasp)! For those of you that don't know a chi is a hair straightener and yes I'm a poser because i have curly hair that i flatten out every day! Once my bag came we decided we would buy Aaron a swimsuit and i would change and we would be off to the beach like we should have been the day before. Later that evening Aaron's bag did come and we were able to change clothes YAY, and go to dinner!
The rest of the trip was amazing. We had beachfront massages, lounged at the pool and swim up bar, went to the Mayan ruins, had butler service on the beach, saw amazing fire/tribal shows, ate at gourmet restaurants, had a candle lit dinner on the beach, and enjoyed getting to relax as the newest Mr. and Mrs.!
The entire experience, despite the luggage drama (which by the way American Airlines lost my bag coming home too!!) was wonderful. Everyday we made each other promise we would come back soon! And i for one cannot wait, the Eldorado Royal is the best place Ive ever been! Aaron and Me and the swim-up bar, Dos Equis on tap and a Pina Colada
Aaron at Telum aka the hottest sweatiest place we've ever been, he loved it!

Aaron and Me before dinner one night
The most delicious taquitos you've ever had in your entire life, i ate them everyday

Us upon arrival, so excited!

Beautiful beaches

We spent lots of time here

We finally got to change clothes for dinner, YAY!

The view from our spot at the bar one afternoon

At dinner


  1. Ahhh, I want to go back SO.FREAKING.BAD. How about a double anniversary celebration next summer?? ;)

  2. Keathly! i love your beautiful blog! I'm now a follower and will add you to my blogroll! So happy you are a HUG!